Travis and Rebecca partnered with the City of Oakland’s Dinner with a Scientist to talk about their research with local scientists, teachers, and K-12 students. Rebecca’s gigantic carbon nanotube* was a big hit! (*not to scale)





Clubes de Ciencia (Science clubs) is an organization of young scientists in the US and across Latin America with a dedicated mission of expanding science accessibility to Latin American youth by sharing our passion for science, research, and discovery. 


Clubes de Ciencia is an excellent platform for students, postdocs, and faculty from the US to get involved in teaching in an international and multidisciplinary setting. We design a series of courses (talleres) in Spanish based on our own research, and design a hands-on curriculum so students can get experience performing experiments at the forefront of scientific research. We then travel to one of several cities in Mexico to execute our talleres. Below are some photos from the CdeC taller at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in the Landry Lab shared our knowledge of optical microscopy, wrapping up the week with a game of optical chess! For more information, and to get involved, feel free to contact the CdeC team directly – talleres are available in many Latin American countries. Para obtener información sobre este programa en español, haga clic aquí.

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LAGSES , the Latino Association of Graduate Students in Engineering and Science at UC Berkeley is an academic and social networking group that promotes the recruitment and retention of Latino/a graduate students on our campus. We focus on guiding Latino/a students join a UC Berkeley graduate program in science and engineering, and through networking and mentorship, promote success and graduation of students in higher-education STEM.



YouSTEM! Youth in the Bay Area can partake in the many programs posted in YouSTEM, which also offers resources for K-12 students interested in STEM, and their educators. You may see Landry Lab at some of these events.

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