02.2018 – Markita is selected as a 2018 Sloan Research Fellow! Read more about the award here, other awardees here, and through the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute announcement.

01.2018 – Gozde’s work on genetic manipulation of plants is on the bioRxiv : high-efficiency genetic transformation of wheat, arugula, and benthamiana with nanoparticle conjugates.

01.2018 – Junchen and Markita submit a bioRxiv preprint on the antibacterial efficacy of antimicrobial peptides as a function of peptide self-aggregation.

01.2018 – Frankie, Nat, and Sarah have all passed their oral preliminary exams. Congrats!

12.2017 – Markita is selected as a 2017 FFAR New Innovator. See articles by Berkeley Chemistry and Berkeley IGI for details!

11.2017 – Markita is a co-author on a paper describing nanoparticle-based and ATP-fueled light emitting plants!

11.2017 – Our lab is 4/4 this year: Darwin Yang passed his qualifying exam- congrats!

11.2017 – Gozde wins third place for her talk on genetic transformation of plants with nanomaterials in the 2017 AIChE Bionanotechnology graduate student award session!

11.2017 – Linda wins second place for her talk on protein detection in the 2017 AIChE Carbon Nanomaterials Graduate Student Award Session!

10.2017 – Abraham Beyene passed his qualifying exam! Congrats to our newest Ph.D. candidate!

10.2017 – Welcome to the three new Landry Lab graduate students: Frankie Cunningham from UC Santa Barbara, Natalie Goh from Cornell, and Sarah Yang (joint with the Schaffer lab) from Columbia!

09.2017 – A big congrats to Linda for passing her qualifying exam!

09.2017 – Check our our lab’s new work on engineering peptides for self-assembly into anti-cancer nanoparticles, published in RSC Chemical Science!

08.2017 – Congratulations to Rebecca Pinals, who won the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award!

08.2017 – The Landry lab has its first Ph.D. candidate … congrats to Gozde on passing her qualifying exam!

08.2017 – Travis’s work on building a new dual-infrared dopamine imaging microscope is published in Advanced Functional Materials!

08.2017 – Junchen’s paper reporting a new fluorescent sensor for tumor hypoxia – & implementation in vivo is published in ACS Sensors!

07.2017 – RIKEN’s Brain Science Institute QBits magazine highlights Markita and Linda’s visit to RIKEN for the QBiC conference.

07.2017 – Abraham’s paper on evaluating dopaminergic neuromodulation and identification of optimal imaging and nanosensor kinetic parameters is published in ACS Chemical Neuroscience!

07.2017 – The Hellen Wills Neuroscience Institute announces the Radical Ideas in Brain Science Challenge Winning Team, in collaboration with the Wilbrecht, Feller, and Carmena labs!

07.2017 – Landry Lab receives a 2017 Stanley Fahn Junior Faculty Award to study neurodegeneration.

06.2017 – The San Francisco Chronicle highlights our work on deep-brain imaging of neuromodulation.

06.2017 – Landry Lab is selected as a finalist & competes in the NIH Single-Cell Analysis Program Follow that Cell Challenge.

nih scap

06.2017 – Can you image dopamine deep in the brain? Travis’s bioRxiv preprint shows what it takes, using dual infrared two-photon microscopic imaging  – check it out here.

06.2017 – Congratulations to Rebecca, who was selected as an Honorable mention for the Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

06.2017 – Abraham’s preprint on stochastic modeling of dopaminergic neuromodulation is now available on the bioRxiv – check it out here.

06.2017 – Linda Chio wins the prestigious NDSEG fellowship! Congratulations!

05.2017 – Gabriel Dorlhiac joins the Landry and Streets labs as a joint student from the UC Berkeley Molecular Biophysics program!

04.2017 – Gozde’s Society for Biological Engineering article is published in a special edition for plant synthetic biology. Congrats!

04.2017 – Travis and Rebecca share our research with K-12 students in Oakland at OUSD’s Dinner with a Scientist.

04.2017 – We welcome Younghun Sung to the lab! Younghun joins us from Seoul National University where he studied heterostructured nanocrystals for photocatalytic reactions.

03.2017 – Congratulations to Linda Chio who won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

03.2017 – Our work on nanoparticle-templated molecular recognition of proteins is published in a special edition Springer Protocols: Synthetic Antibodies book. Congrats Linda & Darwin!

03.2017 – The Landry Lab welcomes Ian McFarlane to the lab! Ian is a microscopist and physicist from the University of Southern California who joins our lab’s deep-tissue imaging team.

02.2017 – The Landry Lab welcomes Huan Zhang to the lab! Huan joins us from the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics where she developed functional nanomaterials, and probes their interactions with biological systems.

02.2017 – Markita is selected as a Chan-Zuckerberg biohub investigator! Our lab will interface with biomedical researchers at Berkeley, Stanford, and UCSF for the next five years, through this exciting initiative.

02.2017 – The Landry Lab welcomes Biophysics rotation students Gabriel Dorlhiac and Toby Turney to the lab!

01.2017 – We synthesize and use infrared nanosensors to detect single proteins from individual microorganisms! Read about it in our new paper. Congrats co-authors Linda & Darwin.

01.2017 – The Berkeley Catalyst magazine highlights Markita’s appointment to the UC Berkeley college of chemistry faculty.

01.2017 – Our JOVE article is published. Congrats to all authors, especially Travis and Linda who led the labwork.

12.2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes new postdoctoral researcher, Sanghwa Jeong, to our lab! Sanghwa is an inorganic synthetic chemist joining us from POSTECH.

12.2016 – The Landry Lab is featured in the MRS Intersections magazine.

11.2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes new graduate student Rebecca Pinals to our lab! Rebecca joins us from Brown University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

11.2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes Chemical Biology rotation student Vanessa Yang to our lab.

09.13.2016 –  Our methods paper is published in Current Protocols in Chemical Biology. This paper covers the synthesis, characterization, and imaging of synthetic infrared nanosensors. Congrats to co-authors Gozde and Abraham!

09.2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes Chemical Biology rotation student Daniel Brauer to our lab.

09.01.2016 – Linda wins the 2016 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering LAM research fellowship!

08.24.2016 – A big congratulations to Linda Chio, who won the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award!

07.15.2016 – Our lab wins the 2016 Beckman Foundation Young Investigator Award !

Beckman foundation

07.2016 – Landry Lab student Gözde Demirer wins the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future fellowship. Congratulations, Gözde!

07.2016 – Our lab is awarded a collaborative SFARI grant from the Simons Foundation with the Froemke lab at NYU


2016 – Two Landry Lab students win the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Abraham Beyene and Darwin Yang!

2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes its first postdoctoral researcher, Travis del Bonis-O’Donnell. Welcome!

2016 – The Landry Lab welcomes its inaugural members, CBE Graduate Students Abraham Beyene, Linda Chio, Gozde Demirer, and Darwin Yang. Welcome!

2016 – The Landry Lab’s research on label-free protein detection is supported by a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface


 2016 – Construction of the Landry Lab begins!